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Third-party VS OEM Optics - Which to Choose.fw

Third-party VS OEM Optics – Which to Choose?

Are you in a quandary over which one to choose between Third Party Optics and OEM Optics? First, let us look at their meanings:

Third party optics refers to optical transceiver that is not supplied by the original equipment manufacturer but by a third party vendor who can make the optics with the same specifications as an original equipment manufacturer.

OEM optics refers to a new optics supplied by the Original Equipment Manufacturer.

The difference between Third Party and OEM Optics

The difference is usually the first thing that people consider when making a choice between two things, so we are going to start from there. If you would like to make your choice based on the difference between third-party optics and OEM optics, then I am sorry to disappoint you because there is no big difference between them. The only difference is that because OEM optics are from original manufacturers, they claim higher quality and so sell at a higher price. Therefore, deciding to choose one between Third-party and OEM optics will not seem like a wrong choice since both of them could do the same thing; this makes it quite difficult to know which one to go for between the two.

Now let us look at the advantages of choosing any of them:

Advantages of choosing OEM Optics

1. They are made to the best quality because they are made by the original manufacturer who also supplies them.

2. They are supplied by the original manufacturer and so it gives buyers the impression that they are of better quality.

3. They are compatible with all switches and that is why switches manufacturer always recommend OEM optics for their switches.

4. They have much lower failure rate.

5. You are assured of full equipment warranty for installed OEM optics.

Advantages of choosing Third Party Optics

1. They are much cheaper than the OEM Optics.

2. Buying third-party optics helps you save money and helps you get the right quality on a limited budget.

3. They are of good quality.

4. They are always available and can be delivered quickly.

5. For your special needs, you don’t need to worry about where to get the optics you need because third-party vendors can deliver different customized optics to meet your need.

6. Third party vendors can provide support for many manufacturers.

7. OEM Optics supplier provides support only for their equipment while the third party optics suppliers can provide support for networking equipment from different manufacturers

The question of which one to choose between third-party optics and OEM optics can only be answered by you.

If you are not on a tight budget and a sucker for buying the best quality from only the original manufacturer, then the OEM optics could be a very good choice for you.

On the other hand, if you are on a tight budget, if you want to save money, and if would not mind getting your equipment from another vendor, then third-party optics would be a nice choice.

7 Ways in which you can upgrade your IT Infrastructure

7 Ways In Which You Can Upgrade Your IT Infrastructure

IT infrastructure has become the important part of every organization nowadays. A business’ speed of progress can be determined by its IT infrastructure. Large businesses and enterprises ensure quality and time management and upgradation of their IT infrastructure. Upgrading your company’s IT infrastructure is necessary in order to prevent downtime and keep the smooth flow of business operations. Upgrading IT infrastructure can be quite a challenge, however, below described points may help in dealing with this challenge.

1) Upgrading a Component:
Component-based upgradation involves updating only a particular or specific part or component of the entire system. It is also known as patching the system in order to keep it running. It seems a good solution but it is not a long-term solution. You may upgrade your processors, but how about other components? Moreover, it can create compatibility issues in near future when you will have some new components and some old or legacy components.

2) Shift To Cloud:
Cloud is becoming one of the most emerging and fast solutions for storage and resource sharing. It is because of the availability of lightning-fast networks. Many enterprises are shifting towards cloud-based solutions to get benefits of centralized data and resource sharing. Shifting on cloud frees you from managing and buying new storage servers. Moreover, it saves you from extensive network management and security. Cloud also allow your employees to work remotely.

3) Have New Hardware:
Replacing old hardware with new hardware is the best solution that can solve your IT infrastructure related problems for future years. However, it is the most expensive solution because buying new server computers, routers, terminal computers and storage may run your business out of the budget.

4) Software and Hardware Updates:
It is another way to upgrade your IT infrastructure. Software systems and algorithms need frequent updates in order to perform better but with each update, software system becomes a bit heavier. Therefore, after some updates, many software starts to lag. It is highly necessary to update hardware along the software. Updating both hardware and software keeps you away from the compatibility issues. Moreover, its expenses are affordable for a small to large organization.

5) Upgrading Network:
The network serves as the backbone of entire IT infrastructure of your company. The fast and robust network becomes a prime need for a large enterprise, which is spread across different cities or countries. Moreover, a robust and fast network is required to avoid server downtimes and network breakdowns. Network upgradation includes upgradation of routers, network protocols, network security, network antennas, and radio links.

6) Updating Employee Workstation:
Employee’s workstations are the points from where transactions are performed and your business is handled. Keeping up with old computers may decrease the employee’s output and performance. Workstations can be updated, after every 3 to 4 years and according to the needs of company’s IT budget.

7) Services:
You must also consider updating the services that you are getting from different IT service providers. You must make new agreement to access premium-level services and privileges.

How Accurate IT Support Can Improve Operation Efficiency

How Accurate IT Support Can Improve Operation Efficiency?

IT support is a necessary factor for any business to keep up with the smooth flow of business operations. It is highly recommended to have accurate IT support because it is about your business and its operations. A true IT support works like a fuel that keeps the furnace of your business burning. Importance of accurate IT support is highlighted in some points explained below.

Reduce Downtime:
Server downtime is a huge problem for any organization because it stops the overall business operations. This downtime is quite annoying whether it is due to updates or due to some failure. Such downtime also wastes the precious time of a business as well as flee the customers. Many organizations lose their potential clients due to frequent server downtimes and infrastructure failures. Accurate IT support can provide a company with enough solutions and ways to minimize and deal with server downtimes.

Managed Centralized Storage:
Data is one of the most valuable assets of an organization and storage is one of the most valuable infrastructural components of an organizational system. Storage management is necessary especially for large organizations because they have to deal with hundreds of transactions just in a minute. A loose end to data handling, management and storage can bring problem for a business and it can even shut down a business for a specific period. Accurate IT support pampers and entertains the storage. Many IT infrastructure service providers suggest cloud-based centralized storage because Cloud is fast, active and well managed. It also cuts down the storage hardware costs. In this way, an accurate IT support results in more managed and centralized data storage.

More Accessibility:
Data accessibility has remained a problem for many businesses because of limited budgets, poor solutions and a serious amount of money needed to spends on fast networks, hardware and software systems. Accurate IT support means hiring some expert IT infrastructure provider and IT handling company. Such company devises quality and robust IT infrastructural solutions to raise the data accessibility. In this way, you feel more in touch with business and keep your business with you at any time from anywhere. Such accessibility also improves business operations efficiency by providing customers a chance to reach your business from anywhere around the globe.

Upgradation seems an easy task but it turns out to be a challenging and thing when it comes to compatibility. A naïve company can devise solutions and updates in your IT infrastructure but at the end, it turns out to be the waste of time and money. Eventually, the IT budget runs out and the company feels serious loss. However, proper and accurate IT support can save the company and its IT infrastructure from being damaged or destroyed. A right IT infrastructure Service provider keeps track of system’s performance and suggests updates when needed. Such timely upgradations increase the overall business operations efficiency and make the transactional, storage and retrieval systems faster. Moreover, it produces brand awareness and customer loyalty for your company, which is a good practice of CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

5 Things you Need to Know Before Shortlisting Your IT Service Provider

5 Things You Need to Know Before Shortlisting Your IT Service Provider

In 2018, IT market has become really vast and full of competition and all is due to rapid rise, and fall of different trends, tools, and technologies. These technologies and enormous expansion in business lay the foundation of IT infrastructure management. Cloud computing and IT infrastructure management has become a key to work and survive in today’s business environment. Moreover, enterprises would like to focus on their core business logic rather than coping with business’ exponentially growing Infrastructural needs and problems.

IT infrastructure serves a business and provides its best services to fulfill the hardware and software needs of the business within a particular time. Selecting an IT service provider becomes a hectic task because of countless options available.

Technologies and Services:
You must check the technologies and platforms of the service provider and ensure whether these technologies match with your company’s requirements. Some service providers share the workload with internal tech teams of your company while some handle it themselves altogether. You must check it to ensure whether your internal teams would do easily with a service provider or not.

Service Roadmap:
Service roadmap proves to be another great thing to consider before shortlisting your IT infrastructure. Roadmap of a service provider defines how service plan to bring innovation and upgradations over a course of time?

You must have to perform compatibility and suitability check in order to know whether the service provider’s roadmap is best for your business or not. Roadmap also clarifies the commitments, technologies, strategies, and vendors involved in your IT infrastructure management.

Certifications, Standards, and Reputation:
Certifications and Standards are the best way to shortlist your IT service providers because certifications identify that a service provider will follow and adhere to the best practices and standards. Different cloud, security, networking and operational certifications are ISO, IEEE, CSA, ITL, and COBIT etc.

Reputation also plays important role in the selection and shortlisting of a service provider. A service provider with good ranking delivers its best to in order to maintain its good reputation in the market.

Vendor Lock:
Vendor Lock highly affects the overall migration process and often proves to be inefficient because of the use of company-specific and local management tools. These local tools are proprietary components and are only available on specific vendor’s technologies. You must check for vendor lock and migration support in order to make the future infrastructural support easier. Always choose a service provider that uses minimal proprietary tools.

Performance and Reliability:
Performance counts a lot. Perfection is always an ideal case and it is almost impossible to achieve, however, minimum server downtime is the key. You can check the performance of service provider against their SLA’s for 6 months to a year. Some service providers automatically supply this information as a good reputation, however, every service provider must disclose it if asked. Reliability plays important role in recovery from any hardware, software or other infrastructural disasters. A service provider is reliable if it ensures and applies timely recovery to keep business operations up and running.

10 benefits of having a single Hardware and IT service provider

10 Benefits of having a Single Hardware and IT Service Provider

Handling IT infrastructure becomes much difficult as your business grows. Because it makes you hire a team of professionals if you want to set up in house IT team but that really costs a lot as well as limited experience. So best way is to hire and IT solution provider. IT solutions are generally of two types, hardware solutions and software or service provider. You can hire two different IT service providers for both type of jobs. But it creates incompatibility and misunderstanding managing your IT infrastructure if both hardware and software solution providers devise opposite solutions. To overcome such situation, it is highly recommended to have a single hardware and IT service provider. Below are described 10 benefits of having same solution provider for both hardware and software related jobs.

  • Better understanding:
    A single solution provider who handle both hardware and software or services may understand your company’s IT infrastructure in best way. It knows which hardware or software products your business is using which helps in dealing with any problem that would occur.
  • Keep eye on needs:
    If you hire a single company or business to handle your whole IT infrastructure, it becomes much easy for that solution provider to analyze the situation and decide if maintenance or update is needed.
  • Understands what’s best for you:
    Hiring a single IT service provider to provide hardware and software related services do help that service provider to devise best available solution that meet your business’s need.
  • Keep everything compatible:
    Hardware and Software compatibility issues arise especially in a business environment. To deal with compatibility issues it is necessary to hand over IT infrastructure issues to a single IT service provider.
  • Decide when to update:
    Unnecessary updates costs a business a lot and it can easily take up significant part of the company’s budget as well. When you hire an IT service provider for both hardware and software related services, it frees you from the headache of infrastructure updates because that service provider handles it in a better way.
  • Decide what to update (software or hardware):
    A single software and hardware service prover can perform through analysis on your company’s infrastructure of know which components are getting slower so that they can be updated.
  • Single responsibility, No conflicts:
    Handing over the hardware and software related responsibilities separately to two different service providers is best way to minimize the conflicts or opposite decisions. It creates confusion when hardware and IT service provider could not agree on same grounds.
  • Maintenance becomes easy:
    Maintenance becomes an easy task when you hire hardware solution provider as IT service provider as well because hardware solution provider would know how your company’s IT infrastructure was configured in first place.
  • Free to focus on your work:
    Hiring a single company for hardware and IT services provides you a chance to freely focus on your core business strategies and rules. It frees you from infrastructure’s maintenance and updating.
How does an IT solutions company increases the ROI

How Does an IT Solutions Company Increase the ROI?

IT is a field, in which a business can make good money and IT solution companies are high in demand nowadays because every business is shifting from manual to automation and automated systems need an IT infrastructure according to the requirements of the business. This helps IT companies to remain soaked in the money and revenue. That’s not it, because when there is value and demand of IT solution providers, on the other hand there is a huge competition in IT industry because of sufficient amount of IT solution providers in the same market. Keeping this situation in mind, IT solution company needs to take some special steps to increase the revenue or ROI(Return of Investment). Here are described some ways that tell you that how can your IT Solution company make significant ROI.

1) Value your Customers:
It is pretty obvious way but difficult thing is that you can’t keep customers happy all the time. Customers need their IT infrastructure updated and robust enough then, in return they give you money. As it is clear that the only source of money is customer then it’s not a bad idea to value your customers and remain flexible towards them.

2) Make a Network:
Your company must make a network step by step. Which means that you must keep track of your revenue and investments. You must have analysis of revenue, investments and expenses before opening a new office or hiring some new employees. You must expand the business only when its highly needed because expansion causes a lot of budget to be consumed.

3) Keep employees updated:
As Information Technology is progressing at lightning fast speed, it is required that you keep your employees up to date with latest inventions, technology and processes. You must arrange training sessions for them or contact other institutes to teach your employees in arranged workshops.

4) Hire Passionate people:
Passionate, devoted and well involved employees are key to success for a business. When you hire dedicated people, your efforts to keep them up to dated cuts to half as they keep themselves in touch with new solutions, processes and technologies. For this purpose, a company must set up a good Human Resource Management (HRM) department.

5) Stay close to your clients:
Whenever your company is hired as a solution provider for a firm’s IT infrastructure, it’s your duty to do everything to save that company’s IT infrastructure from getting down. It helps in building a relationship of trust between you and your clients.

6) Build Good Reputation:
Reputation and ranking is a powerful tool in competitive environment where there are thousands of companies offering same services at almost same prices. Building good reputation means getting more customers and potential clients. Once you get potential clients and you make them happy with your professional services then your ROI(Return of Investment) or revenue is going to touch the peaks. Such trust also attracts other clients and customers and referrals.

10 reasons Professional IT services are must in 2018

10 Reasons Professional IT Services are Must in 2018

Professional IT services have become need of the hour for almost all of the medium to extra-large businesses and the reason for this is exponentially increasing customers and overuse of IT infrastructure. It is 2018 and no doubt, IT has taken out the whole business environment therefore, IT services have become essential for a business. Below are described 10 reasons that described why professional IT services are needed?

1) Everything is getting digital:
There was a time when every process from production to selling was manual and it was best decision for that time. But now in 2018 things have become opposite because production, marketing and selling; everything has become digital. Computers, machines, software and algorithms are in heavy use by almost every type of business. In such situation professional IT services are highly needed to remain part of the market.

2) Can’t handle IT services yourself:
Companies just cannot handle professional IT service needs by themselves and the reason is that they have their business to focus on. IT infrastructure is just part of their business that they use. Moreover, in house IT teams do not guarantee the professionalism required.

3) Limited budgets:
IT professional services are must because a company do have limited budget for everything. They just can’t spend every penny on buying new IT infrastructure and hiring expert people for IT teams. That’s why keeping these limitations in mind IT services are essential for these organization to keep everything under control.

4) Don’t want to lose customers:
Customers don’t like a business when it’s on but not operational. It also reflects the sense of non-professionalism and immaturity being in national or the international market.

5) Don’t want damage of Infrastructure:
Repairing your IT infrastructure, yourself isn’t good idea because in this way your non IT employees may damage the whole infrastructure with just a little mistake. Therefore, Professional IT services are needed to prevent damages.

6) Updates are must:
Updates in IT infrastructures are highly needed to meet the demands and changes in order to keep your work running. Professional IT service providers are experts who know what and when to update.

7) Evolution in tech:
Technology is evolving day after day and it is changing the IT infrastructural needs rapidly. To deal with these changes it is essential to have someone professional.

8) Only IT service providers know new technologies:
As already known, IT is a field with rapid changes and evolution. New software and hardware is replacing Legacy systems. IT professional knows well which technology is suitable to apply in certain context. Therefore, professional IT services are required.

9) Competitive business environment:
Business environment has become much more competitive. Every company is waiting for its competitive to make mistake and fall victim of catastrophe. In such circumstances, it becomes really hard to take risk. That’s why professional IT services provide risk free services.

10) Rapidly growing business:
Once a business evolves to become a bigger company, its needs and goals are updated. This changing in goals leads to difficulty for that business unless it gets some professional IT services.

7 ways to make the most of your IT solutions company

7 Ways to Make the Most of Your IT Solutions Company

IT solutions companies provide other businesses and companies with IT infrastructural needs and solutions. Making most of the company is the prime priority of every business. Because it generates the revenue for a company which is basic purpose of doing business. Here are described 7 ways that tell you how to make the most of your IT solutions company.

1) Provide Upgradation:
Always provide your customers with up to dated and latest IT solutions because Information Technology is rapidly evolving and it is all about up-gradation. Up-gradation is indeed a part of business and ensures the survival of a business in the competitive business market. Therefore, your IT solutions company must provide people with support and up-gradation.

2) Provide Cloud Computing and cut the storage costs:
Cloud computing is getting more popular and rooting itself deeply in IT market nowadays because it is saving many businesses from storage, hardware, maintenance, backup and restore headache. As cloud computing is becoming a demand due to increasing storage problems, therefore, your IT solution company must provide this service to make most of it.

3) New techniques and Networking and efficient software:
The efficient solution provides a customer with ease of and comfort of working without worrying of downfalls and failures. New techniques, efficient networking, smart algorithms and robust software systems bring values to customer’s businesses and make their operations more productive. Increasing the productivity raise the quality of services or products and in this way, also helps them to increase their overall revenue.

4) Save Cost and Outsource:
No company is always perfect on everything. It is quite obvious that each business provides a limited set of services. In order to provide sub-services, many businesses including multi-national companies get services from other businesses. This increases the overall perfection of products and services offered and brings collective revenue for both businesses. For example, many PC and Laptop manufacturers outsource the processor making tasks to intel.

5) Planning and Maintenance:
Maintenance is a compulsory and ongoing part of each system’s life. An IT solution provider must provide its clients with maintenance support for installed systems. Moreover, planned strategies must be used in order to devise realistic, efficient and quick solutions by remaining within the budget boundaries of clients. Planning and maintenance help the companies to use their IT infrastructure for long terms.

6) Have analysis of Software and Hardware Compatibility:
A well reputed IT solution company must be able to keep track of client’s IT infrastructural needs an upgrade or update the software and hardware whenever needed. Most of these companies hire dedicated professionals and IT experts that always track the needs of client organizations and provide them with assistance and guidance about the issues arising related to hardware and software and devise solutions as well. Moreover, these professionals keep administration of client organization alerted about required updates and upgradation in order to increase the compatibility between hardware and software for optimum performance and robustness.

7 secrets about IT maintenance that nobody will tell you

7 Secrets About IT Maintenance That Nobody Will Tell You

Maintenance is a key part of SDLC (System Development Life Cycle). SDLC is often mistaken and misunderstood by people because they think that SDLC is development life cycle but the reality is something else. A key reality is that SDLC never ends which means that a system never reaches its perfect stage. Therefore, maintenance is a lifetime process and never ends. IT maintenance is essential for a business in order to remain the part of a competitive business environment. Though there is not any magical trick that may help your business to avoid maintenance and save money, there are some secrets that may help you in managing stuff and keeping maintenance efficient.

1) Use of Management Software:
People often ignore this part, they never keep track what is going on with their IT infrastructure and their business face problems when their IT infrastructure starts to crash. Shifting from one machine to another machine completely is not a solution because it will eventually make a business run out of budget or bankrupt. Therefore, use of management software helps you to keep track of the performance of all the software and hardware components of IT infrastructure and ensure that everything is updated on regular basis.

2) Unregistered Software:
Some organizations ignore outdated software and keep on using them in order to save money. But eventually, companies and firms have to face catastrophic circumstances when security is compromised as a result of some virus attack. Therefore, always check what is going on and what is installed on your IT infrastructure. Use of licensed software and antiviruses help in the prevention of panic situations.

3) Prefer Remote Maintenance:
Time is indeed a valuable asset that a company or business has. Maintenance is often a time taking process and tends to stop the operations of a business. This costs a lot to the company because employees are sitting idle, operations are stopped, time is running out and the dynamic market is getting more competitive. These challenges can be dealt with remote maintenance. Remote maintenance allows employees to keep on working while maintenance operation is under execution.

4) Look for Partial Maintenance:
Partial maintenance saves the wholes system from shutting down and restart again. It is recommended to turn off only those parts of the system that is under maintenance at that specific time.

5) Use well reputed IT infrastructure provider:
Investing in high-quality IT infrastructure provider seems a bit expensive at once but it saves company resources down the lane. Therefore, it is recommended to go for pros instead of newbies.

6) Audits:
Auditing is an important step that helps a business to keep track of all of the flow of money and transactions. Maintenance auditing must be ensured in order to generate reports that help administrators and decision makers to keep track of resource consumption in maintenance.

7) Prefer clouds:
Storage is a major issue for many businesses and demands more storage hardware or servers. These servers eventually produce the needs of maintenance as well. Cloud computing is the solution that saves many companies from buying, installing and maintenance of new storage servers.

Advantages of hiring a Global IT Solutions company

Advantages of Hiring a Global IT Solutions Company

IT solutions company serves as a vendor or service provider that handles the project needs for an organization from initial step (concept or solution) through maintenance and support stages. Some IT solution providers operate globally and provide their customers with more advanced and robust Information Technology solutions. Some advantages of hiring a global IT solutions company are described here:

1) Cloud Computing:
Cloud computing is becoming a vital part of today’s IT infrastructure because of its amazing benefits. Companies get rid of the extra headache of hardware, maintenance management, and in-house teams. With cloud computing, a company no longer needs to invest in new hardware and management teams because IT cloud services are ready to use. It also prevents a company from high costs of software licensing and annual renewals. Cloud computing saves IT maintenance costs as well. One of the major advantages of hiring a global IT solutions company is cloud computing services. These global companies handle the headache of Data Centers for customers and provide better support for efficient backup and retrieval.

2) Security:
Security has become an important issue nowadays because of exponentially growing number of networks and potential threats. Many companies get their data, important information and business logic compromised with little unknowing vulnerability. Therefore, companies have to hire their own security teams which surprisingly increase the labor costs. Global IT solutions provider comes up here and provides a vigorous security shield for company’s data protection. Many Global IT solution providers allow client companies to store data on their cloud-based systems that are guarded and managed by information security professionals. These global IT solution companies keep track of all threats, vulnerabilities and viruses’ affecting systems all around the world and use latest security tools and robust protocols for prevention of attacks and protection of an organization’s data.

3) Management of IT infrastructure:
Global IT solutions provider companies recruit teams of IT professionals and managers with years of on-field experience and dedication to Information Technology. These professionals are highly trained to manage the IT infrastructure of a company and suggest a better and efficient way of using resources of a company. In this way, a business can easily come out of IT infrastructure management issues by hiring a global IT solutions providing firm.

4) Better Performance:
Robust IT infrastructure plays important role in today’s vibrant business environment. It remains a sole aim of almost every business to spend less and gain more. In short, companies seek better performance that needs hiring of expert managers and IT professionals which eventually leads.

5) 24/7 support:
Another advantage of hiring a global IT solutions company is that these companies provide services to global clients and hence offer customers with 24/7 client support. It makes these companies present whenever required. It helps a company to gain quick solution without wasting time by delaying business operations.